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Child Displacement Registry System

Do you agree that there needs to be a National Child Displacement Registry System for Indigenous and non-Indigenous parents?

I give notice that a new Child Displacement Registry System will be established to allow parents and family to have the necessary support to search for and have returned their children who were legally kidnapped as part of the systemic child trafficking scheme.

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Looks Great can you please provide more details.

Key findings of the 2023 Family Matters Report include:

  • 22,328 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children currently in out-of-home care  
  • 10.5 times more likely to be living in out-of-home care than non-Indigenous children  
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children represent 42.8% of the total number of children in out-of-home care but only represent 5.98% of all children in Australia.  

Unfortunately, there are many Aboriginal and Australian corporations who continue to profit and prosper in keeping the national gap open.

These are known as 'Parasitic Corporations', or 'Parasitic Bodies', as they prey on vulnerable individuals and families from the community (many who themselves are victims and survivors of the satanic Roman Catholic child trafficking and sacrificing), instead of establishing pro-family programs, working with families as a unit and providing basic living skills, budgeting skills, healthy diets (traditional foods and medicines), as opposed to western foods which are malnourished and packed full of preservatives that harm and weaken the immune system, and result in various diseases, infections and premature deaths.

This staggering number represents the tragic reality of thousands of Indigenous children who have been forcibly removed from their families, communities, and cultures, disrupting their sense of identity and belonging.

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