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We are all controlled by the Birth Certificate:


Enlightening  Information  “a work in progress”, to bring awareness to those that know there is something wrong, but just cannot put their hand on it.

My journey into this field, was once I started to question, the validity of a birth certificate and why , it could not be used as form of ID, yet was required for all interactions with Government and its agencies; which now is  being asked for, far more often, with essential services;

But what concerned me most was the surname, and the use of many different formats of a name I was informed was mine – that was only used on Tax forms and Drivers licenses – in all upper case letters – not conforming to English Grammar, but just being Gloss, sign language, that cannot be used with correct English: As two languages cannot exist on the same document.

Then when I obtained the source document that the QBDM did not want to give me, that was Hand written – being the highest in law, which was full of Gloss Sign language, violating the document, of which the Long form was not a true copy but a fraud, and this was confirmed by the short form, where fraud was proven;  [ note “If not attached here”], it is held off site on Google drive open to the public being Overt. – For educational purposes – highlighting, how we are all being held as Debt Slaves;

Of which was proven beyond doubt and on court records  over two years ago, with the refusal by the Queensland government and agencies, refusing my God given right to have my records corrected, and further by the unlawful claimed Local Government, also refusing to correct the record, to the true name of I, the man,

As man cannot be birthed – only vessels, freight can and salvaged goods be Birthed, a man and woman can only be Born.

The following link will take those interested in going down the rabbit hole, to lots of evidence that is growing with many links to be added.

That those who no longer wish to be Debt Slaves can use, to question or challenge their slavery;

But be warned, these creature will do anything to keep you as a slave, as they want that treasure when you die, every cent in your trust;

But there is way out to freedom – and only by working  together, will we be able  to bring these criminals down.

They must be exposed for what they do, and be made to pay back every cent they stole.

:Denis Peter:    The Equitable Beneficial Title Holder ; the Secure Creditor, and sole beneficiary of the express Trust DENIS PETER RAWLINSON;  a private man.


yes, but it depends on your motivation. if your goal is toget free of the system then the cestui que vie act contains the only law you need. section 1 and section 4, that's it. you are lost or you are found, there is only two options.

if you are found - state it.

if your objective is to recover estate then the course you must take is convoluted. if this is your goal you must also claim for your forefathers back to 1666, claim for your family. all of it