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Unlawful and criminal Act of Disconnecting an essential Supply to force Surety:

Notice regarding claims for harm done and continuing,  knowingly with intent;  including fraud; by the named actors, for and on behalf of  ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD and ERGON ENERGY RETAIL with a shared ABN: 11 121 177 802.

Noting that further claims will follow, due to the fact that fraud: negates all contracts, for where any and all fraud is revealed, it renders any and all contracts “null and void , nunc pro tunc, ad infinitum”;

Of which I hold the evidence that is also on Court record; OTH/22/812187: 13/01/2022; OTH/22/819393: 20/02/2022; OTH/22/824320: 21/03/2022; OTH/22/833049: 04/05/2022; OTH/22/835948: 27/05/2022; OTH/22/838257: 15/06/2022; OTH/22/840019: 30/06/2022; OTH/22/842461: 15/07/2022; OTH/22/845809: 15/08/2022; OTH/22/849225: 23/09/2022; OTH/22/852328: 23/10/2022;

Now recorded with the International Common Law Court : OTH/22/854109


File now updated and attached  16-Nov-2022

File: Indemnity-notice-AON-complete.pdf  for Notice of AON and the State Trustees, named. with Notice re Remedy.

for the named actors and the Body Corporate, named ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD: with a Registered business name ERGON ENERGY RETAIL.


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