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Tania gay of the family: Hossack. Declaration of Copyright Trademark

Declaration of Copyright Trademark. I am known by the name; & copy; Tania gay of the family: Hossack, Creditor, Trustee, Secure Party, Author of the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph (TANIA GAY HOSSACK & trade;) or any derivative thereof HEREBY ATTEST THAT, I am competent and capable of handling my private and commercial affairs in my full capacity as Agent for the NAME TANIA GAY HOSSACK & trade; and will enforce with prejudice any Copyright Name Trademark Claim Infringements. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Note - Public notice of Declaration of Copyright Trademark was also made viewable to the public on 24th October 2021 on website.

Declaration of Copyright Trademark to be made viewable to the public for 30 days from 24th October 2021.




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HI Tania,

iv been on for few months and can not find where someone can upload extra document as you did with the copyright