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Police assault on Marc Hammond

This is a Video of the Police cam Video that  Allegedly shows   an assault on a Policeman.   Putting things in perspective the Policeman - Sgt John Maher from the Day Street police station is around  6"3 and 130kg.  I am  5"1 and 60kg.  Go Figure.   On this day only tree people were arrested.   Myself (dark complexion), a First Nation young lady and a Serbian National.   Does this show what is happening?  You can see the links below.  I have also added the full video from Phillip Meadows (thanks Phillip) who filmed the whole event.    This was attended by around 30 people sitting  peacefully and 80 Police in full riot gear.   Please share this and get the message out..  Thanks.    -  Police Body Cam    - Video by Phillip Meadows documentation of  Freedom Day.