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Notice of the crime of the Securities exchange Act violation

Without any admission of any liability and with all natural indefeasible rights reserved;

This email may have undisclosed recipients, for security and second witness reasons, as defined by the sender, and;

All words, meanings, layout and format, here/within are-as  :Denis-Peter: the living man,  defines them, Non-obstante;



Crime of Violating the Security Exchange Act;

Crime of knowingly and intentionally doing harm;

Crime of Unlawful Conversion and kidnapping of assets on paper;

Crimes of executor de son tort;


For the attention of the following named: in both their Acting roles for ERGON ENERGY CORPORATION LIMITED  ABN:11 121 177 802 ----- and in their private capacity.

Rod Duke,(Chief Executive Officer); Peter Scott, (Executive General Manager, Finance); Phil Garling, (Chairman); Mark Algie, (Director); Helen Stanton, (Director); Vaughan Busby, (Director); Teresa Dyson, (Director); Hugh Gleeson, (Director); Karen Lay-Brew, (Director);


This notice has been emailed to the corporation that you are all office bearers, and all equally liable “more so directors, and the (CEO)”  for any and all harm done to others, , and its by the fact you hide your address that this  “Notice of the crime of Securities violation” is being emailed to the head office and many other departments in the corporate government, and other parties, however rest assured,  hard copies will be mailed to certain departments for action;

Note the address of the sender, in the notice, as that is whom you communicate with,

So be governed accordingly :

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