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Notice of Misfeasance in Public Office

To the RG of Victoria Melissa Harris

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Not legal advice : as I would not lower my self to such ungodly depths,  but research - for educational use, (beware the snake)

Cestui que vie is French for " he who lives ". It is a legal term for a person who is the beneficiary of a trust or an insurance policy.  (security instrument – BC) You must prove you are not Dead to claim it, so be careful in dissolving it pre maturely without remedy, and before having proven beyond doubt you are not dead, and are alive.

After all you are dealing with belly crawlers (snakes) deceivers.

Fiduciary duty : the legal duty of a fiduciary to act in the best interests of the beneficiary, of which it is a criminal offence not to do so.

See Cannon Law 2057: Any Administrator or Executor that refuses to immediately dissolve a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust, upon a Person establishing their status and competency, is guilty of fraud and fundamental breach of their fiduciary duties requiring their immediate removal and punishment.

You must appoint these creatures as in their fiduciary to us, to make them liable,  as they cannot refuse when taking a salary from the public purse, for the people come first: because if you don’t appoint them  they hide behind assumption, (you did not ask or instruct) so you must take that claim away from them, and make them liable, as once in that fiduciary position they are also trustee (state trustee), and then very liable. Under their commercial liability. and extremely liable in their private capacity,

Presumptions have no standing or merit in presentable or material fact (keep that in mind)

Always challenge them, and they cannot be used against you.


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Thank you for your response and your concern is much appreciated. I was very new to this when posting this notice, however I have since completed an affidavit rebutting all that you mention and it is coming up to 28 days unrebutted, so will be posting that here shortly.

Still learning everyday and am open to all comments and guidance on this very interesting journey.