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NOTICE OF ISSUE OF FRAUDULENT HEARING to Deputy Registrar Harry Walker at Geelong Law Courts

The man Harry Walker who sometimes acts as Deputy Registrar of The Magistrates' Court of Victoria at Geelong has been issued with a Notice of Issue of Fraudulent Hearing after attempting to make me, a man, act as surety for the fraudulently created legal fiction on documentation called an INTERIM INTERVENTION ORDER, Proceeding under the PERSONAL SAFETY INTERVENTION ORDERS ACT 2010 which was placed on the said legal fiction by men known as Stephen Bull and Sergeant Peter Christo who sometimes act as Sergeants of Victoria Police at Torquay Police Station.

This is a reply to the NOTICE OF HEARING I received after Harry Walker received a Notice of Conditional Acceptance to the alleged INTERIM INTERVENTION ORDER which was then downgraded to a hearing on the day it was scheduled to be processed as an order.

This stands as evidence that our public courthouses have been captured and are acting fraudulently committing treason against we the people causing harm and loss through fraud while having no jurisdiction over we the people. This evidence will be presented before a jury of the people once our courts and justice system has returned to we the people where full asset stripping and life in prison or the gallows are the penalty for high treason. Further more there will be a claim of torte made against each individual who has caused me wrong injury and harm as a result of enforcing the above mentioned treasonous policies.

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