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Notice; of cure and Remedy: Identity theft.

Email LAUTQ-07072022 ID Theft  Leon Allen Under treasurer, QUEENSLAND (inc)

Date 8th July  2022

With just cause and without vexation.

Without any admission of any liability and with all natural indefeasible rights reserved;

All words and meanings here/within are-as, I, :Denis-Peter: the  living man and “None Combatant” under attack, defines them, Non-obstante.

For the attention of Leon Allen; or successor, in the acting role as  Under treasurer for the Queensland Treasury, and Leon Allen; or successor, in the private capacity;

All errors and omissions are excepted.

The reason for this email,  is due to two reasons, a registered post article sent to the under treasurer on Monday the 4th of July  now recorded as delivered, Fri 8 July 2022, which is time sensitive; and secondly - due to the fact of your failure,  to reply to any of  the communication’s,  I have sent to you Leon Allen as the Under treasure or successors, being in excess of fifteen (15) over a six (6)  month period, have never been replied to, to  which you stand in dishonour by choosing silence and tacit agreement,  or ignoring the mail completely,  which you have no lawful authority or right to do,  particularly as it is not granted by the people, who you are under an obligation to serve, for as you are without doubt a public servant, that takes a salary from the public purse, and by this very act of ignoring one of the people whom you are victimizing by this action,  you Leon Allen are committing, misrepresentation and misfeasance in public office, a very serious crime, though on the other-hand  should you claim to not be a public servant and not serving the people,  yet still taking a salary from the public purse, then you Leon Allen are committing a far more serious crime against the people, for that is misprision of treason;

Furthermore; you Leon Allen in both your acting role and “private capacity in which you still carry liability”, have no right or lawful authority  of taking a high ground, as you are after all answerable to the people you are suppose to serve, for we are all equal under the law, being on a Geometric-level-field:  and when crimes of Identity theft; human trafficking; unlawful conversion; fraud; and breaching the trust of the people, I :Denis-Peter: being one of those people; are being committed under coercion threats and intimidation, of which you Leon Allen or successor;  “where made fully aware of” along with the attorney General and registrar general, and to date you all have fail to do anything about these crimes, but just stay silent of which you cannot claim any deniability, as its all on record, including now the fact that you Leon Allen or successor, have violated your fiduciary duty and have put a beneficiary in peril due to your inaction or complicit action violating the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 (GOC Act) protecting a corporation engaged in Identity theft; human trafficking; unlawful conversion; fraud; and breaching the trust, of which having been made  fully aware, are just as liable;

Therefore find attached, a true copy of the contents of the registered article  RPP44 63700 51001 26863 19606  now recorded as delivered, to which,  should I :Denis-Peter: the living man holding proof of life; not receive a reply and settlement, within the thirty days (30) of the lodgment of the Registered article, 4th July 2022, then the attachments “Cover note and Cure and Remedy with supporting evidence”  which is already on court record, Ref: OTH/22/840520 – 04/07/2022; will be placed on the Australian and the International Public Notice Board, as being of interest that should not be denied to the people,  being crimes against the people, of which I am one, not a persona or legal fiction, but a living man.

Also remain aware that you Leon Allen or successors, [all on record] have through your silence and tacit agreement on two occasions, the second being reaffirming the acceptance, of Trustee to the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON Estate in Trust, noting that  being a public servant paid by the people, you have no immunity and including that all presumptions’ of Law have been denied to you, particularly the presumption of immunity, the presumption of Court of Guardians; the presumption that I :Denis-Peter: the living man stands as a Trustee for crown, governments and courts or any corporation or entity; the presumption of Government acting in two roles as Executor and Beneficiary over I Denis-Peter: the living man; the presumption Agent and Agency; the presumption of Incompetence; and in regards to guardianship, I :Denis-Peter am both a general guardian and the general executor of all matters regarding the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON ESTATE in Trust  …  That is  being unlawfully breached and usurped under your watch; as elected Trustee to the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON ESTATE in Trust in which you Leon Allen or successors are violating by allowing others to breach the trust, which includes violating your fiduciary duty,  a position you Leon Allen did accepted by your tacit agreement, that was reaffirmed on the 31st January 2022,  RPP44 63700 51001 15464 34602 : Recorded as delivered on Wed 2 Feb, 8.52am, therefore, as further research has brought to light the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 (GOC Act) of which the Queensland Treasury is a share holder, “as are the People of Queensland” though being the ultimate owners and beneficiaries, who are being tricked out of any dividends for their share in the commonwealth of the people, being usurped, by intentional theft by being classed as ens legis, juristic persons, under the presumption of law and  being forced to carry a derivative of the Crown/State issued Birth Certificate name issued without full disclosure, and coerced using threats and intimidation, to accept this position of servitude, and being forbidden to use their real name and stand as living men or women: that you Leon Allen, do carry liabilities for in both your roles for these crimes, both in your acting role as under treasurer and also in your private capacity; and as ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD with a business name ERGON ENERGY RETAIL and a trading name ERGON ENERGY, comes under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 (GOC Act) and the fact that the Queensland Treasury/ QUEENSLAND TREASURY are both share holder and trustee, of all Government owned Corporations;  places you Leon Allen in a position of Conflict of interest, “that you Leon Allen failed, knowingly with intent” in your fiduciary duty, to inform I :Denis-Peter: the living man;  the true sole (soul) beneficiary of the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON ESTATE in Trust, “of which you are one of the elected trustees that was never rebutted ”, and further more as I :Denis-Peter: am one of the beneficiaries of the Commonwealth of Queensland,  and also recognised under the Government Owned Corporations Act 1993 (GOC Act), That you Leon Allen are violating, and covertly denying I :Denis-Peter: my God given rights to claim my rightful position as the sole (soul) true one and only, beneficiary and authorised representative of the, DENIS PETER RAWLINSON Estate in Trust;  committing the crime of forced slavery and being held against my will knowingly with intent, to continue breaching the trust and claiming I the living man as property; therefore you Leon Allen are now on notice, that I now have every intention to place all these fact to a Grand jury of the people for deliberation, as many crimes are being committed that need addressing, were cure and remedy for harm will be claimed in equity:


Therefore attached;  Claim-sheet 3-  30062022: EER- RPP44 63700 51001 26863 19606  LAUTQT:  Cure and remedy claim that I :Denis-Peter: find you Leon Allen liable for.


Note for the record and on the record:  I :Denis-Peter: have not only proven my status, that remains unrebutted, and now  unquestionable and irrevocable, but also  my competency,  of understanding the crimes that have been committed, through gained knowledge, and ongoing research, of that which has been withheld, knowingly with intent to do harm and enslave, all carried out without full disclosure, and my freely given consent done knowingly to usurp the trust, being a breach of the trust and enslavement of I, :Denis-Peter; … As no  living man or woman of sound mind, would freely give up their God given right, to be a slave to a system of utter evil,  that commits Identity theft; human trafficking; unlawful conversion; fraud; and breaching the trust, it is also to be Noted, that I :Denis-Peter: the rightful beneficiary and authorised representative of the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON ESTATE in Trust;  “am now being held forcefully with intent to do harm “against my will”, being denied my God given rights and unalienable rights to claim back that which was stolen and stand freely as the true one and only beneficiary of  the DENIS PETER RAWLINSON ESTATE in Trust.

"Fraud Vitiates Everything”


By my Mark and seal.

Also  with denying the right of a living man to move to the private, who has proven beyond doubt, to be a living man, holding proof of life and invalidating the fraud as "fraud Vitiates Everything”   ,

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