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Notice of Action Commercial Lien EEQ & EER & Energy Minister & Under Treasurer Qld Gov.

For Harm & Fraud, against the living man.

Overt and Public

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

  1. As previously advised, a Commercial Lien against you has now been instigated, in both your Acting role as well as in your Private capacity, being that in both roles you carry the same liability for your actions and harm done; and
  2. Included in this Notice of Action is an Affidavit, dated 23rd January 2023, based on first-hand knowledge and made under penalty of perjury; and
  3. You have 30 (thirty) calendar days, to respond and rebut each point by means of your own sworn Affidavit, written under the same criteria, namely: from firsthand knowledge, under the penalty of perjury; and
  4. Each point successfully and properly rebutted, with hard evidence under oath, will be removed from the allegations; and the remaining unchallenged and unrebutted points standing as our final Affidavit, which will then be certified “by an authorised Court Representative or Notary” (de jure), thus becoming the truth, in Law, and a judgement, in Law; in all jurisdictions, of Land, Air and Water; and
  5. I, the living man, :Denis-Peter: acknowledge that the lawful seizure, collection, and transfer of ownership of money or property must be effected by a valid Commercial Lien which must contain certain elements in order to be Commercially valid, to wit:

i)     The lien instrument must obviously, patently, and evidently be a Lien by being clearly and explicitly titled "Lien", "Claim of Lien," or "Declaration of Lien," and mandatorily, by its exhaustive Commercial content (full disclosure) as follows;

ii)    The lien instrument must contain a either a notarised hand-signed affidavit, or in keeping with Gods law, 2 Corinthians 13:1, “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established” and John 8:17, "in your law it has been written that the testimony of two men is true," and

iii)    For which the issuer is commercially liable, containing a plain statement of fact disclosing how the obligation of the lien was created, attesting that the commercial condition is true, correct, and certain; and

iv)     The lien instrument must contain a ledger or bookkeeping statement connecting purchases, services rendered, and/or injuries sustained, with a claim of obligation such that each purchase, service, and/or injury is presented in a one-to-one correspondence with its partial claim of obligation, the partial obligations then totalled to obtain the total obligation; this being called a "True Bill in Commerce", and

v)     The lien instrument must contain a statement, either specific or general, of the property being seized from the lien debtor to satisfy, or to guarantee satisfaction of, the obligation of the lien, and

vi)      A Notice of Lien to be valid must contain a clear statement as to where the lien is filed, where it can be found and how a copy can be obtained; and

6. A Public Advertisement will then be placed stating your assets are open to lawful and legal claim, any creditor (myself included), would thus then be both lawfully empowered and legally entitled to:

i)   Seize any and/or all of your property, savings, shares, superannuation and garnishing of future earnings, up to the value of the Lien, which currently stands, as at 23rd January 2023, in excess of  $412,000.00, per individual named; and $2,000,000.00 for each entity: ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD and ERGON ENERGY RETAIL; and

ii)   To sell this Lien off to a third party, such as a domestic debt collector, or international instrument investor/holder in due course; and

iii)   This Lien on your assets would then need to be removed by:

iv)    Full payment, or arrangement for full payment, in accordance with recorded claims, previously, and clearly stated within, the Cure and Remedy fee schedule “amendments & Corrections: August 18th  on Court record: ICLC: OTH/22/846727, in the possession of actors for both, ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD and ERGON ENERGY RETAIL; including the Queensland Government:, or

  1. a Jury of 12 (twelve) determining that the Lien was not legally established or enforceable, or
  2. the passing of 99 years
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