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Notice of acceptance of office of Commander in Chief / post master general

let it be know that i james-edward of the estate of the house of greer have accepted the position of commander in chief / post master general of terra australis / new holland on the third day of the month of august on the year of our lord twenty twenty

please see attached

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Can you please tell me where to find the entire document?

Thank you.


Definitely, apologies as I believed it to be the full version, please see attached PDF

Pax tecum

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hi James

Im Rocco only getting through the information of the role of post master general while i was putting my document of living man under christ with number other document to protect my offspring's, working with few local people that are part of commonlaw groupĀ  so iv gone out on the search to learn so much to be ready for court and face the system , wondering if we can communicate to help assist me to