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Names and Appellations of the Living man:

18th October 2021

Common Law Copyright & Copy-Claim:

By Deed:

Names and Appellations of the Living man:

Estate Name  & Trust Names

Re-affirming and updating:

The following names are here now claimed, as Copyright and Copy-Claim:

Honourable offer:

Thirty-Days to Rebut:

As this is a Deed that would normally require a counter Deed to rebut, and as it is not my intention to harm others, but only to right a wrong, and seek justice by way of cure and remedy, for crimes committed against I, :Denis Peter:, and all harm done;  an offer  is here made,  for any man or woman, to rebut the claims and statements made, point for point, within thirty, (30) calendar days, from the date of these claims,  however all claims of rebuttal, must be under oath, under pain and penalty of perjury, and be accompanied by irrefutable proof, to prove ones claim, showing the facts, and it must be law, not the presumption of law or some statute, also it cannot be by a third party interloper, and it must be in the hand of the man or woman under their name and autograph when making the rebuttal,  however after thirty calendar days (30)  from the date of this claim, should there be no challenges,  then silence will be taken, as acquiescence, agreement, and acceptance, of all the claims made within;  and under law these claims within and the copyright names claimed,  will stand under common law and Gods law as unrebutted and there, stand “for-perpetuity”  being claimed as truth in law;

All Communication is to be addressed in format showing, to:-

Attention,       Suv’eran :Denis-Peter:,  House of Rawlinson & Dick,  c/o  136/lot-36 martin crescent,  Benarkin north,  Queensland  state,[Near 4314],                         Commonwealth of Australia;


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