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Malfeasance in public office ,"QLD Court ,Child Service Fraser coast"

Malfeasance of "Qld Court at Maryborough" complicate with the Crime,and "DCPL",

Malfeasance of "Child Service Queensland", at 'Hervey bay / Maryborough", and all connecting Departments",  Breaking the law , ignoring notices ,Violations, Malfeasance ,Misconduct ,misrepresenting the facts, claiming they have authority over the living Flesh and our "created offspring's depriving our property estate  causing harm stress duress ,caught in been fraudulent breaking cease and desist notice not making payments ,Trespass of our rights and harmony ,

using threats and coercion bully tacti over I, and our offspring's and their biological creator woman,  making claiming's with no proof of evidence or current orders and acting against our inalienable right

creating false situation to Gain access to breach the notice serviced on the living members and the departments to act under the illusion of duty of care which they breach as no consent was given to act on my behalf , abuse of public office .

All rights reserved with out prejudice with out recourse

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