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Formal notice of security by way of lien of Brian Pidgeon in the position of C.E.O. for Toowoomba Regional City Council

This is a formal Notification of the following.

There is a formal and civil obligation to publish this public notice.

This is a notice of a formal and agreed lien by way of a resolution for the criminal offences of Fraud and Malfeasance in the office of claimant of Mr Brian Pidgeon.

Public Notice

NOTICE that I, Shaun-Peter of the House of Connor, have an Affidavit of Obligation – Security by way of a lien against, and therefore an interest in, the personal estate of Brian PIDGEON, in the position of  Chief Executive Officer of Toowoomba Regional City Council. For the amount of Fifteen million AUD $15,000,000.00

This is a formally published legal securitised commercial instrument in PDF format at Record location:

End of Notice

So let it be said. So let it be written. So let it be done.

Without ill will or vexation.

For and on behalf of the Principal legal embodiment by the title of MRS TANIA MAREE CONNOR.

For and on behalf of the attorney General of the House of Connor Embassy.

For and on behalf of Baron Shaun-Peter of the House of Connor Embassy.

All rights reserved.

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