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Deeds and lawful claims-2

Deeds and lawful claims-2


Invoke the power of Attorney in fact:


A Lawful and unalienable  right claimed: By way of a Deed; that has not been re-butted, so stands as the truth in Law;

As recorded with the International Common law court 3rd May 2021

Reference number: OTH / 21 / 513521 – Invoke-power-of-Attorney1.pdf

Link: Invoke-power-of-Attorney1.pdf

Reference Number is: I.C.L.C- Record, OTH/21/803891  Invoke Power of Attorney   29/10/2021, Now stands as the truth in law: As Equity looks on that as done which ought to be done; therefore this action that I  :Denis-Peter:  the living man has now performed; has been done" 

As it is spoken; So it is written; Therefore it is done




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