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declaration affidavit breech of trust(starr date)

social security is a supposed to be a pension plan program for federal civil service employees. federal " equals" foreign persons" because while they are employed in the federal civil service, our people work as foreign persons known as either"US CITIZEN or citizen of the US. "civil" means "city" as in "rome" as in municipal city state government" as in "washington, dc municipality" etc., not military employees, not territorial employees- we are talking about "citizen of the united states. service employee "means" inhabitants" who are "residents" merely sojourning here on our soil temporarily for the purpose of providing us and our states of the union with specific governmental services. foreign persons employed by municipal united states government to provide services under contract to our states of the union". mandate to sign up for social security only if you were seeking a job as a federal civil service employee. welfare: never worked for post office/federal agency. after all, " benefits" and "entitlements" are gifts, not obligations. municipal congress washington, d.c.(defrauded, SSA private corp.) never agreed to become federal civil service employee and are not voluntarily adopting "foreign" US Citizenship" status, their is no such law "applicable to you. immediate settlement of your account(the full range of services and payments available at the time of your retirement/or withdrawal from the program). we are not owed" benefits" "we are owed the return of our money credit, plus interest. public law- shut them down and nationalize them as criminal organization involved in fraud and racketeering or fully label and expose exactly what they are doing and made it clear that americans are not obligated to have a social security number and are not obligated to tax themselves and are not eligible for social security program if they are not federal civil service employees.


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