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House of Hitzke

Hello , I'm 'Rocco' I'm not sure if private message works on this site,I'm only been putting into action to protect my living being and family under christ past few months my only like only 10% on the way with documents,life claim so on , wondering are you in the position to help me get to your standard on how you deliver your notice, documents, how to deal with the current situation I need to deal with

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Hello Rocco.


were about are you, and what is your aim. as I have just come across your post as I dont usually follow what I post here, as most of what I have tried to upload, has usual y been blocked

I have for years now been posting on the International Common Law site, and crown Executor orders,  there were quite a few sites going back a few years but they have been taken down, by the evil forces at work, trying to keep their crimes secret,

I still have problems here, with some posts, were I get the 403 forbidden to load a file, so not sure what is going on,

but of late lots of information is cumming out, of the crimes these creatures are committing agonist us, and I do have lots of research material I can share if you want, with excellent links to take the evil on, like councils and utility companies ripping the people off for share holders, double dipping - and trading you on the stock exchange for share holders, without your consent,

I will see if I can load a page in public notices for great links to research. for those wishing to be free.

will do it as soon as I can.

Suv'eran :Denis-Peter:

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hi sorry just seen your post ,you can call or email me would like to network and discuss  follow things of our reclaiming position against the government