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Commercial Lien Services Australia - Greater Bank Fraud

Due to the fact that CSA officers will not undertake a proper independent investigation as I have required by them under the terms of their public service code of conduct, instead they use the mother’s allegations forming the bases for infallible win CSA / mothers determination. What the mother says is taken verbatim as truth.

It must be seriously noted that such fraudulent practices have caused me overcharged amounts resulting in financial attrition, unable to pay ‘normal’ child support out of fraudulent arrears.  The Child Support Agency has serially ignored the fact of their most fundamental duty to the legal financial status of my financial position brought about by the mother outrageous lies and deception.

In this regard the Child Support Agency has overcharged me and then transfers it unlawfully to my ex-wife  using the unlawful government statutory system to which they have access to the mothers account for payments.  This is outrageous and a clear case of serial abuse of power by employing unlawful ‘wormhole administration’ based on the mothers ‘false allegations” as an alleged CSA investigation that self-prophesies to infallibly find falsely against the father.

However, despite winning against the fraudulent claims in the Local Court and SSAT, CSA continues to date to pursue me for unlawful and inflated amounts.

In August 2020 I wrote to the Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Skinner advising her that the instrument called the Child Support Statement was a criminal and fraudulent document and sent her a copy of my fees. In September I wrote to her again spelling out my concern that her conduct and the conduct of her staff was fraudulent as they operate as a corporation.

During the morning of the 2nd November 2020 I received a phone call from David Rowland of the Greater Bank to advise that Services Australia had plundered  my bank account leaving me financially destitute.  I stated to David Rowland that he was involving himself in fraudulent activity, but all he did was give me a phone number and reference number before hanging up.

To date Services Australia continue to send me criminal and fraudulent instruments in the form of invoices that are unlawful and amount to fraud and extortion.  I have alerted  Ms. Rebecca Skinner the CEO of Services Australia to the fact that Services Australia is registered on the Washington Stock Exchange and has an ABN: 90 794 605 008 and is a Private Corporation.  No corporation can act for or as Government as it is unlawful.

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