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Commercial Lien - Further Corruption from the top of the Family Court

The International Common Law Court does not operate in the manner of a statutory boy’s and girl’s club where corruption and collusion run rife.  We are a court of the people concerned for our children and families caused by the damage that the Family Court is deliberately achieving in breaking up families and separating loved ones.  Both our politicians and judges are globalists and the role of the globalist is the dismantling of the family unit and society.

I would never have believed that a justice system could be so corrupt if I had not experienced this myself.  From the slack sloppy police work to the manipulative conduct of members of the Judiciary and the Legal system to that of downright corruption and collusion to protect paedophiles and place gag orders on parents to stop them from speaking out and to control their behaviour.

The Family Court is a dysfunctional, toxic cesspit of corruption operating under mercantile law and has an ABN 63 684 208 971 which would indicate that it is operating as a private company and not as government.  No government can act for or as a corporation, they are either operating as government under the crown responsible to the people or they are a corporation which has no authority over living men and women.

Our government and judiciary are not De jure as so have no authority over living men and women.  Our Family Court operates under the guise of a star chamber court with no accountability or transparency and the purported Chief Justice must stand in account for the deliberate damage that this dysfunction toxic cesspit of corruption and paedophilia is causing to the demise of Australian families.


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