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Commercial Lien - Corruption in the Family Court

Nelson Mandella is on record saying, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

For many years the Family Court has been in effect a Constitutional free zone, where Family Court Judges have run roughshod over the rights of parents, children and outsiders.  To make matters worse, Judges routinely impose gag orders to hide their actions from public scrutiny.  Absolute corruption!

As many parents have seen and experienced, the Family Court cartel comprising the judges, solicitors, psychologists, interest groups and politician’s profit hugely from Child Abuse and Parental Alienation at the expense of children and families. These groups use children against their parents so as to extract every last cent from families. Similarly, to dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, the court will use children to threaten parents into agreeing to parenting orders and even take children away from parents for no valid reason, knowing that parents will spend every last cent they have to see their children again. This is known as the 'Cash for Kids' scheme and is used by Family Courts around the world.

These judicial officers have allowed the Family Court to become a cesspool of lies, manipulation and corruption. In the Court room anyone can say anything without any evidence and can get away with it. The liars and manipulators are seen as being rewarded by the legal community themselves, prompting many solicitors to resort to similar tactics.

It is imperative that the Family Court of Australia take full responsibility to accurately reflect what children are telling us and to act positively on that information.  This is in no way to be viewed as inducing mass guilt and despair on the child, but to give them a safe environment in which they can reflect what is occurring to them without fear of retribution.

Justice Peter McClellan in his speech to the Association of Children's Welfare Agencies in Sydney calls for allegations made by children to be appropriately heard and investigated, regardless of where they originate, and without institutions or their leaders being able to diminish the preparedness of adults to act.

"A picture is emerging for us that although sexual abuse of children is not confined in time – it is happening today – there has been a time in Australian history when the conjunction of prevailing social attitudes to children and an unquestioning respect for authority of institutions by adults coalesced to create the high-risk environment in which thousands of children were abused."


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