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Commercial Lien - Corruption in Services Australia

Due to the fact that Services Australia and its agencies have established their criminal and unlawful behaviour in relation to living men and women, the use of statutory legislation and unlawful conduct I therefore cannot as a living man deal with a dead entity, i.e. Services Australia as it is a Corporation holding an ABN 90 794 605 008.   Please understand that statutory legislation requires consent.  No consent = No contract.

A private corporation cannot act for or as government, this is unlawful and the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth says so.  Further to this the Australian government and its employees are committing treason as they serve a foreign power under s44(i), “The queen of Australia” which is a fictitious mythical patron of the dissenting political parties is more than enough evidence that our government is not De jure.

There is no such thing as a man-made law. There are only rules and regulations that apply to consenting members of a society. Anyone can create a membership club and assign a series of rules. That in no way gives them the authority to force them on non-consenting people just minding their own business. The society to which government assign their rules is no more than a glorified membership club. Its rules have no inherent authority other than the degree to which they can intimidate others to obey them with the threat of their monopoly on force. We the people have the sovereignty; we always have. The illusion of centralised governance is no longer working, and so we see that last-ditch attempts by authoritarians to consolidate what remaining self-proclaimed power they think they have.

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