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Commercial Lien - Breach Of Contract

On the 24th July 2020 I wrote to ASIC stating that, “as all parties involved in the contractual arrangement have now agreed and accepted the current terms and conditions, I am therefore not prepared to accept nor agree to any counter offer or offers of a new contract sent by email on Monday 6th July 2020” to cancel the purchased business names.

As a contract requires the agreement and consent of both and/or all parties, I wish to attentively alert you that the current contractual arrangements remain in place. It is of great importance to be mindful that contractual arrangements are written mutual agreements, enforceable by law.  For a contract to be legally binding it must contain:

  1. An Offer – which was available on the ASIC website.
  2. An acceptance – which I engaged in.
  3. An intention to create a legal relationship – entering in and the acceptance by both parties. Which has occurred.
  4. A consideration – which finalised the contract with a financial imbursement.
  5. A key and receipt were emailed to me as evidence and ownership for each and every Registered name.

On the 25th August 2020, I received a letter via email from ASIC, their intention to cancel my business names on the 22nd September 2020, which is a direct breach of the contractual arrangements.

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