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Arrested Mums day at Perth Parliament house 10.5.20. Refused details as had committed no crime, hurt no living being. 60 est people there, 3 arrests many fines. The Arresting officer could not answer my queries properly of what crime i had committed. He arrested without reading me my rights. Half hr later having given my details as told to by W Glew who also thought this enough to let me be, he still arrested me & took another 20 mins to read me my rights, fetching his uniform first. Arrested out of uniform. There was no contract from me living woman pre first arrest stated. We 2 were taken to lockup for 2hrs, fingerprinted, photos, jewellery on/off, no social iso, no sterilization, no masks by cops. My son assaulted for my go-pro camera they still insist on unlawfully detaining. WA Police handbooks says they cant. So THEY caused the harm. I have the CD evidence as I went to court under Brian Shaw (Elijah's Challenge) and got a hearing. Courts spsdly closed on Google, not so.  Clerk refused my Affidavit into Evidence. No witnesses allowed, No Sherriff's or JP.  That hearing i changed my plea under Neil from GAP. I entered with proof in paperwork of Queen and Crown removed in treason, 1900 Queen Victoria's letters patent removed no legitimate Government or Judiciary & the Magistrate E Wood refused the Bailiff to take it. The next time I entered with FOI's same, same again Magistrate refused me justice from Bailiff. Affidavits have been sent in and no response for mine. Affidavits of Peter Josephs (the Reality of Council rates fb group) sent twice and Decree now gone 28 days, unrebutted and still they send me attendance notices, ignoring?  The CLEARFIELD DOCTRINE stands for all Governments now attempting to contract with us as CORPORATIONS. The Government is no longer Sovereign. The Government is running as CONTRACT LAW. As Sentiant beings we are within rights as written to not Contract, to give no Consent & No Authority. Peter J's Affidavit (Baron Ward RIP/05/21) says same. We need to find out if these charges are Criminal or Civil and where the injured party is or the Bill of Exchange proper document for Civil. Tim Dwyer asks you view the video and everyone start using this pls. My printer is a hand feed one so i cannot put a file together as one flowing document. I will add the other 3 pages to this 1 document next. Sent to Magistrate Elizabeth WOODS & POL PROS FOR SAME CASE 17.05.2021


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