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Australian Electoral Commission Election [F]ailure Notice

The legal name Tom Rogers the Australian Electoral Commissioner acting for and on behalf of the the Australian Electoral Commission claiming full commercial liability and penalties for perjury for the legal has [f]ailed to negotiate to our notices dated 23rd June 2022 and 28th July 2022 and

We were at the pre polling booth on Thursday 19th May 2022 located in Australia to elect our preferred candidate for the 2022 Federal Election and

We asked the Australian Electoral Commission ("AEC") scrutineer supervisor questions who refused to surrender his name and now appears to be highly suspicious and

We questioned the highly suspicious “AEC” scrutineer supervisor why are all the other "AEC"  scrutineers misrepresenting and misleading the electorates? and

On several occasions the highly suspicious "AEC" scrutineer supervisor answered our questions with the reply of "this is what the "AEC" told us to say" and

We witnessed and observed all "AEC" scrutineers at the polling booth named above as they communicated  to the other electorates they must vote 6 above the line and 12 below the line of the Senator ballot paper and this is false and misleading to ALL electorates and

As we identified and showed to the highly suspicious "AEC" scrutineer supervisor on page 38 of the Version-11 dated 23rd December 2021 Scrutineers Handbook (“handbook”) that all is required is the minimum of one (1) above the line or six (6) below the line of the senator ballot paper is considered to be the formal vote of the electorate and

It appears the "AEC" scrutineers were demonstrating their incompetency of their literacy and numeracy skills as they were unable to following the rules from the "handbook" after we identified their misconduct to the highly suspicious "AEC" scrutineer supervisor who [f]ailed to communicate the correct and honourable procedure of an election to the other "AEC" scrutineers and

After carefully explaining the correct procedures to he highly suspicious “AEC” scrutineer the scrutineer supervisor he continued to demonstrate the lack of awareness and with his dishonourable behaviour to mislead and misrepresent on how to vote on the ballet paper and

It appears there are discrepancies within the “handbook” and the training provided by Tom Rogers and the “AEC” to the “AEC” scrutineers and now appears to be highly suspicious of their false and misleading misconduct to We the People of Australian and

Without frivolous and vexatious and

All rights reserved without prejudice U.C.C §1-308

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