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AFP document about Sovereign citizens in Australia

pdf link below for more light reading and..

Blackburn v Zuckerberg

Fighting for the children!! Click below for a YouTube video of the hearing.

How to EXPOSE corporate Aus Govco.

How to -EXPOSE- corporate Australian government.36 documents ? Truth Vs corruption. Extra 2 links—‐—————————————————————————-District of Columbia Official Code Warning trespass NO screenshot Warning Police/ Ambulance NO screenshot Vote or not vote slavery how it was created THE LIEBER CODE OF 1863. Prussia and Russia gold story Pet rego Mail Fruad Lock the gate INCOME ….  Read More

Here’s 28 of the Disgraceful beings.

Below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pedophilia in high places. There’s more to come.. This is just what Bill Heffernan mentioned to the royal commission.

The 300 need to go!

Below is a video that outlines those who have been in control for some time. Under the video is a link to the book mentioned in the video The Video The Book 200 pages in PDF DOC or audio

someone say icewall??

Get a load of this..

The Evergrande Liquidation

The Evergrande Liquidation: The Fall Out and Redemption MI6 created the CIA in the 1940s. The CIA controls the government and media. All 3 letter agencies answers to NASA. NASA reports back to Rome. All these intelligence agencies control the DUMBS from the 500 billion a year drug money. There are about 1400+ DUMBS worldwide. ….  Read More

The Fibonaci Sequence

SHOWING THE EVIDENCE OF THE MOST HIGH IN 5 MINUTES – Why the Fibonacci Sequence is hidden from us Yes i know 5 min but find this 5 min If you want to AWAKE 8:19 AM · Jan 28, 2024