The Evergrande Liquidation

The Evergrande Liquidation: The Fall Out and Redemption

MI6 created the CIA in the 1940s.

The CIA controls the government and media.

All 3 letter agencies answers to NASA.

NASA reports back to Rome.

All these intelligence agencies control the DUMBS from the 500 billion a year drug money.

There are about 1400+ DUMBS worldwide.

All of these DUMBS are financed with drug money and taxes.

Guess what ties all of this together? The fiat USD.

Guess who no longer uses fiat USD? The Middle East.

Guess how many states are now passing bills to make precious metals legal tender? 43+

Once the liquidation of Evergrande starts hedge funds & big banks will collapse. How?

Hedge Funds

  • Hedge funds with invested capital in Evergrande bonds, derivatives, or other financial instruments would face significant losses upon liquidation. This could lead to write-downs, impacting their performance and potentially triggering margin calls, forcing further asset sales.
  • Increased uncertainty around Evergrande’s situation and the potential market contagion can lead to volatile trading conditions, impacting hedge funds’ strategies and returns.
  • Some hedge funds specializing in distressed debt or turnarounds might see opportunities in acquiring Evergrande’s assets at discounted prices, leading to potential gains later.

Big Banks

Regulatory scrutiny. Increased attention and potential regulatory investigations following Evergrande’s collapse could lead to stricter lending requirements and financial regulations for big banks.

Interconnectedness. The complex web of financial linkages between Evergrande and other institutions could amplify losses beyond the initial exposure. This could impact banks’ liquidity and risk appetite

Loan exposure. Major banks with significant loan exposure to Evergrande could face impairment charges and reduced profits if the company defaults. This can impact their capital ratios and potential lending capacity.

Remember all of this is connected. From underground to the surface.

You want new government?

You want new banking system?

You want new technology?

You want new medical system?

You want a new educational system?

Guess what? You will not receive none of this until Evergrande defaults. Until the hedge funds default. Until the big banks default. Why? Because all of this is propped up by the fiat USD.

Do you know what these financial institutions would have to do in order to open banks accounts with Basel 3 & ISO-20022 Compliant banks?

They would have to prove the money is Clean & Clear. Which is something they will not be able to do. They will not be able to wash the money by money laundering and setting up fronts by using profit margins on inventory sheets that do not match the profit the business made. This is what the mafia used to do in the casinos.

What will the banks try to attempt to prop up the market to survive Evergrande liquidation?

Coordinated Buybacks: Major banks might collaborate to buy back Evergrande debt or related financial instruments in the secondary market. This could help stabilize prices and prevent a complete meltdown. However, this strategy requires significant financial resources and coordination. But where will they get the money?

Asset Restructuring: Big banks might propose restructuring agreements with Evergrande, potentially involving debt-to-equity swaps, asset sales, or extensions on loan repayments.

This could provide the company with temporary relief and avoid immediate liquidation, but it would come at the cost of diluting existing shareholder value and increasing bank exposure.

Remember, the banks that will be affected by this are those that are not Basel 3 or ISO-20022 Compliant. They do not possess enough capital to survive another economic downturn that will happen as a result of Evergrande liquidation. So what will these banks attempt to do?

Confiscate customer deposit in banks. Basically a Bail-Ins. Which will also cause a run on the banks. Which will also cause ATMS to shutdown. Which will also causes credit cards to not work. Which will also cause panic in the market place. People will realize they can not buy food, water, gas, or pay bills. Again once this happens this will be the transition to the new economy. Guess who will bring confidence back in the market once all this chaos ensues?

The reinstatement of the Iraq Dinar. Do you see how the White Hats have this set up?

They will two worlds with one stone. The underground bases. And the parasitic banks on the surface. All the alphabet agencies will cease to exist. Thus freeing up your government and remove all the blackmail from politics.

I know this is all over the place. But this is the gist of what will happen. Why do you think Lindsey Graham wants the bomb Iran so bad? They are panicking big time.

In other words Sir Martin Wakefield Jacomb director for the Telegraph newspaper in 1986. He is also connected to MI6 and is involved with laundering MI6 drug money through a bank in England. Again, this is where ISO-20022 comes in. As all money will need to be Clean & Clear. Because ISO us an anti money laundering tool. Do you all see how the underground bases and the surface levels are connected?What ties them together? The fiat USD. Once you take that out of the equation due to the artificial value declining thus making “Real Money” sound again by making precious metals legal tender financial institutions will be stacking up on gold/silver. Not the fiat currency that no longer has value on the international markets. Jacomb was the director of the bank in England in 87 to 95 former head of the CIA William Casey was head of the Council of the media Network ABC. Many insiders refer to the ABC Network as the CIA Network. Something I have been trying to get across to many of you. This goes for most of mainstream news. Especially Fox 10 where Kari Lake worked for 22 years. Now do you see why all of sudden she is getting into politics? She is a Deep State asset. Which is why she took that 2 million secret donation from a company that was not legally registered in Arizona. But you mean to tell me she was sitting on a recording for a year and decided to release it now just to give this public persona that she can not be bought? Everything is connected people. Until the fiat dollar is officially removed we will not see the world we have been waiting to emerge as a result of this empire collapsing. Which will officially commence Monday. Ofcourse the banks will try to prop up the market but things will not work out the way they hope.

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