Month: January 2024

someone say icewall??

Get a load of this..

The Evergrande Liquidation

The Evergrande Liquidation: The Fall Out and Redemption MI6 created the CIA in the 1940s. The CIA controls the government and media. All 3 letter agencies answers to NASA. NASA reports back to Rome. All these intelligence agencies control the DUMBS from the 500 billion a year drug money. There are about 1400+ DUMBS worldwide. ….  Read More

The Fibonaci Sequence

SHOWING THE EVIDENCE OF THE MOST HIGH IN 5 MINUTES – Why the Fibonacci Sequence is hidden from us Yes i know 5 min but find this 5 min If you want to AWAKE 8:19 AM · Jan 28, 2024

Aliens ??

Shadow of Ezra @ShadowofEzra ??? ???????? ?? ?????? ? ??????? ???? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?????????? ??? ?? ????? ???????? ??????? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??????: ????? ?: The psychological operation to convince humans that extra terrestrials exist from other planets. This will be done through fake whistleblowers and the yse of alternative media ….  Read More

Elite Having Sex with the Dead

Heavy read “Sex with the Dead” U.S. Taxpayers paid for Luciferian Brotherhood and U.S. Military Programs- “ all the kids in cages were fed from these massive cisterns of mutilated bodies. Those in the cisterns learn to survive by cannibalism and consuming human feces, blood and urine.” Jessica Marie Cabotar #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide 3:06 AM · ….  Read More

Tony Blair involved with Jeffrey Epstein Breaking News: Tony Blair in US paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black book’ TONY Blair was listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black contacts book’ alongside a series of Britain’s richest and most powerful people, it has been claimed today. The former Prime Minister was one of 301 British names and featured alongside Sir Richard Branson, ….  Read More